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Agar, also known as Agar Agar for an other name, Japanese named is Kanten(混爺), is made from red algae. Our agar is extracted and concentrated from Gracilaria and Geliidium amansii. agar agar which was first discovered more than 300 years ago in both Japan and China. Agarose(AG) is the kind of non-charge, neutral composition in agar.

I. Characters

Strip-shape agar is used of the milky color, and is semi-transparent while powder or lamellar-shape agar is uses of colorless squamose or yellowish. Agarose is white powder which can be easily decompounded into collosol in boiling water, but is not dissolved in cold water and can be soaked and expanded into jelly.

II. Usage

Because of their unique gelation property, especially their remarkable stability, hysteresis, and water absorbability, agar and agarose have been widely used in food, medicine, chemical, textile, civil defense, etc., and they are worldwide known as ^novel products from East Asia ̄


a.In scientific research

,When mixed together with potassium chloride, agar can be used as the electric bridge to quickly and accurately measure the PH value of soil.

,Agar can be used in the research on electrochemistry and diffusion as well as in military sciences.

,In botanical research, 5% agar solution can help keep small-piece plants for section usage. In the standard phytophysiological avena test, agar is normally used as culture carrier for oat brood-cell.

,Agar is also widely used as bacteria culture medium for brewing, medicine, aquatic products, and other biological research fields.

b.In food                                                      

,Ready to eat: It is an excellent choice in summertime when mixing agar together with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and spices, etc. Many restaurants use agar as substitute for bird¨s nest and shark¨s fin, Meanwhile, in food industry, agar can be used as extender, thickener, emulsifier, and gelatinizing agent, etc, For example, it is irreplaceable for its solidification property in sugar manufacturing and stabilization property in ice-cream manufacturing.

,For preserving meat(in Australia and New Zealand):In tropical areas where freezing facilities are not available or when troops are out for field training, digest meat together with agar. When cooling down the layer of agar can insulate the air so that the meat can be preserved for a comparative longer time.

c.In industry

,In food industry: agar can be generally used as stabilizing agent; in particular it can help enhance the milky property of ice-cream and chocolate milk, still with high water absorbability and solidification.

,In textile industry: agar can help enhance the tensile strength and antifriction of starched fabric; it can also be used as printing paste and waterproofing paste, or even be used to manufacture artificial fiber.

,In rubber industry: agar is often used as concentration to separate water from rubber in the rubber latex.

,In paper manufacturing industry: agar can be used as offset material to enhance the brilliancy of paper and the sorption of tower filling . Thus it is widely applied in manufacturing super-quality paper.

,In treatment for boiler water: agar can be used as softener to treat hard water above 60-70PPM.

,In brewing industry: agar can be used as fining agent for brewing of Japanese wine vinegar and soy sauce, European and American beer and wine, Dutch gin, etc.

,In paint industry: agar can be used as basic material and paste in the manufacturing of waterproofing cloth, waterproofing paper, fly trap paper, and rubber bags, ect.

,Other usages: agar is the best material for tooth mold and the model for gypsum fine processing; cosmetics such as toilet cream can use agar as stabilizing agent or emulsifier; agar cam still be used as lubricant for bulb tungsten filament.

4.In medicine

,Agar is harmless to human being. It can even facilitate the wriggling of intestinal wall thus to cure diseases as constipation. Most pharmaceutical plants use agar as raw material for the capsules. Surgical bandage treated with agar is anticoagulative and can quickly absorb bacteria and leucocyte. Therefore agar is also used worldwide for producing military-used bandages and other hygienic and medical equipments. Moreover, due to its flexibility and elasticity, it is especially good for binding up joint wounds. Agar is sometimes used as emulsifier for manufacturing fish liver oil.


Apart from bearing those properties mentioned above of agar, agarose is also characterized of its high purity, high gelatinous, intensity, low electron-osmosis, and colorlessness, thus it is widely used in fields such as electrophoresis, gel diffusion, immobilized enzyme. Affinity chromatography and gel chromatography, etc. It is also a popular agent for clinical examination, biochemical analysis and research. Agarose can as well be used for manufacturing alternative plasma. Anticoagulative, and hemostat, etc. Besides, agarose can often used as neuroleptics and emulsifier.

With the development of science and technology, both agar and agarose are known and applied by more and more people. We believe that they surely hold a bright prospect!



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