Maxdragon Agar Factory Is The GMP Factory

    Maxdragon (G.Z.) Biochem Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing agar-agar, with annual output of more than 1000–ton exportable agar (powder and strip).


We have the advantage:

1), Many experts with nearly 30 years’ experience in manufacturing agar, have assembled in the production and management group in the Company. Our producing and quality should be exceed the European and Japan level.

2), It is the unique enterprise introducing GMP (Standards for Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Production) standard to control quality in the whole process of manufacturing agar, including the construction of workshop and purification of the air entering into the workshop.304 stainless steel materials are used in all the pipelines and apparatus contacting with supplies in the workshop. The Company has worked out 370 standard practice instructions to guarantee the high quality of raw materials, auxiliary materials and water used in production as well as semi-manufactured goods and completed products so that they will be used or dispatched from the factory. Such, our products quality and hygienic, security should give you the high level insurance.

3),The Company has its own Gracilaria cultivation base with the area of 1400 mu in Hainan Island of China, with 400 mu finished and 1000 mu under construction; and there is 8500 mu Gracilaria cultivation base by shares, with 3500 mu put into operation and about 5000 mu under construction. We can assure your shipment time and full supplying in any time for all year.




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